About Sarita Felder MBA, CEC, PCC

Executive Summary
As a corporate leader, executive leadership coach and inspirational/motivational speaker, Sarita serves as senior adviser and coaching partner to executives around the globe, in diverse industries, government, private and nonprofit sectors, partnering with them to achieve extraordinary results, even in challenging times.

With over twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry, Sarita has a broad-based background and honed business leadership skills. She quickly assimilates leadership styles, cultural nuances, structural peculiarities and organizational objectives. She then partners with leaders to crystallize a vision, define objectives and strategies, evolve their personal leadership brand, engage stakeholders, and maximize outcomes.

Industry Experience
Sarita coaches leaders across industries, including those with globally-dispersed teams. Specific industries include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer health, financial services, mass-appeal and luxury consumer products. Sarita’s leadership history, including inspiring teams to replace long-standing silos with cross-departmental synergies and focusing teams through layoffs and restructuring, serves clients well.

Coaching Approach
Sustainability-focused (Sarita's Singapore presentation is available as a free download) Sarita welcomes multidimensional assignments in which clients build success through sharpened, strategic systems thinking, tailored communications and visionary creativity. Clients confidently move beyond their comfort zones, better leverage their strengths and produce extraordinary results.

Recent Coaching Assignments
  • Group Vice President, Human Resources, multinational provider of diversified outsourced services, new role. Focus: Partnering to review and hone ideas, concepts, strategies and tactics with the goal of strengthening communications, trust, enrollment and outcomes.
  • President, nonprofit organization, new role. Focus: personal branding and brand pull-through, including building mutuality with diverse-interest stakeholders through clear and concise communications.
  • Senior Research Scientist, pharmaceutical company, experiencing challenges of organizational uncertainty and ambiguity. Focus: leading teams through times of uncertainty and change.

Education and Professional Affiliations
  • MBA International Marketing, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College. BA, French and Spanish, Minor, Education, Barnard College, Columbia University
  • Center for Creative Leadership, Adjunct Executive Leadership Coach, 360-degree, multi-level assessment-tool suite certification and Workplace Big 5 certification
  • Coaching certification, iPEC, accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • International Coach Federation (ICF), New Jersey Professional Coaches Association
  • Healthcare Business Women’s Association, Executive Coach for the 2011 HBA Metro Chapter Group Mentoring Program; Talent Management and Women in Finance Committees
  • Pharmaceutical Rep Society of New York
  • Senior Advisor, Transitioning to Green, LLC
  • Advisory Board Member, Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE), Silberman College, Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU); Committee Member, Sustainable Business Incubator, ISE, FDU; Lead Executive Leadership Coach, Graduate Certificate in Managing Sustainability, FDU; Executive Leadership Coach in Executive MBA, Achieving Breakthrough Results course, FDU
  • Greenfaith Local Committee Member
  • NJOD (New Jersey Organizational Development) Learning Community

Representative Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Keynote Presentation, “"Carpe Diem! Intention. Attention. No Tension," NJ Women in Science and Technology Workforce Summit, Windsor, NJ

Workshop Co-presenter, “Applying Creativity to Drive Success in Challenging Times,” American Creativity Association, Philadelphia, PA

Workshop Presenter, "Regain Control of Your Professional Success! 8 Critical Keys to Accelerate Your Move
Back into the Saddle," Inspiration & Wisdom for Women of All Ages, Bergen Community College Women’s Institute Launch Conference, Paramus, NJ

"Sustainability, Women and Business: A Global Perspective," Economic Opportunities for Women of Asia-Pacific Conference, jointly sponsored by Singapore Management University and the World Bank, Singapore

Private Presentations: “What Is My Personal Brand and How Can it Help Me Achieve My Goals?” and “Enhanced Team Communications for Enhanced Team Performance,” New Jersey

Coaching Partnership Assessments

Center for Creative Leadership 360-degree suite of assessments includes four research-based instruments that provide consistent, aggregated feedback, allowing leaders to see themselves through the eyes of others and focus on development area that most significantly impact their performance. The instruments are:

  • Executive Dimensions® assesses top-level leadership behaviors.
  • Benchmarks® measures the skills learned through development that are critical for success, as well as, possible career derailers.
  • Prospector® assesses skills for learning and leading.
  • 360 BY DESIGN® focuses on competencies important to the organization
Center for Applied Cognitive Studies is a leader in applying the Five-Factor Model of Personality. Their primary assessment, WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0, a self-report instrument is designed to optimize:
  • Workplace Communication and Teambuilding
  • Job Analysis & Selection
  • Leadership Development & Succession Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Planning

DiSC is a self-report instrument that helps adults understand themselves and others, and increase their effectiveness and life satisfaction. It is easy to understand and simplifies the complexities of human behavior.

Insights™, StrengthsFinder 2.0, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, LuminaSpark Profiles as well as many others.

Mentoring Strategic Alliance Partnership

WISDOM.shared™, SCC & Company, a mentoring program and process, is available to my clients, to facilitate effective and productive mentor-mentee relationships and maximize organizational contributions and outcomes.